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The most significant novelist in English during the peak Romantic period, other than Walter Scott, was Jane Austen, whose essentially conservative world-view had little in common with her Romantic contemporaries, retaining a strong belief in decorum and social rules, though critics such as Claudia L.
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suggests that romantic love lasts for about a year similar to limerence before being replaced by a more stable, non-passionate" companionate love" 58 In companionate love, changes occur from the early stage of love to when the relationship becomes more established and romantic feelings seem to end.
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He has a romantic view of rural society. I don't' have any romantic notions about having a baby. It's' a really tough job. Synonyms: idealistic, unrealistic, visionary, high-flown More Synonyms of romantic. A romantic is a person who has romantic views.
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French romantique, from obsolete romant romance, from Old French romanz. Learn More About romantic. Post the Definition of romantic to Facebook Share the Definition of romantic on Twitter Time Traveler for romantic. The first known use of romantic was in 1650.

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