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be economical with the truth phrase. not costing or spending much money. It would be more economical to switch the machine off at night. the most economical way to run your new business. Collocations and examples. Adverbs frequently used with economical.
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The President spoke mostly about economic policy. We use economical to mean 'not' using a lot of money.: Hybrid cars are very economical. They do not cost a lot of money to run. Solar energy for your home is expensive in the short term but it is more economical in the long term.
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Post the Definition of economical to Facebook Share the Definition of economical on Twitter Time Traveler for economical. The first known use of economical was in the 15th century. See more words from the same century. Dictionary Entries Near economical.
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In economical science, value and the power of producing value are taken into consideration. 1922, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Capital and Interest: A Critical History of Economical Theory, page 218: By Use, then, in the sense given it by the Say-Hermann school, we have to think of an objective useful element which proceeds from goods, and acquires independent economical existence as well as independent economical value.
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adj sparsam, wirtschaftlich; to be economical with something mit etw haushalten or Haus halten, mit etw sparsam umgehen; they were economical with the truth sie haben es mit der Wahrheit nicht so genau genommen; an economical style Liter ein prägnanter Stil.
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For example a car that only uses a small amount of petrol is economical. plans to trade in their car for something smaller and more economical. It is more economical to wash a full load. Synonyms: economic informal, fair, cheap, reasonable More Synonyms of economical.

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